Red Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn – Boswell, Pennsylvania

a red mail pouch tobacco barn in a snowy landscape in pennsylvania. two shaggy horses standing outside on the snow.

Over the long January weekend, I spent some time wandering the backroads in western Pennsylvania. I seem to have good luck with finding interesting sights out towards Pittsburgh.

One of my favorite sights was this Mail Pouch Tobacco barn on PA 985 / Somerset Pike in the town of Boswell (according to Google Maps). The wind was blowing hard all day and I don’t think that the thermometer went above 20 degrees. It felt really special to see those shaggy horses in their winter coats standing outside in the snow. It’s the little vignettes and private moments that make roadtripping so rewarding.

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  1. Lowell says:

    20 degrees? 20 degrees Fahrenheit? And the wind was blowing hard? And there was snow on the ground? Yikes!
    As always, nice photo and write-up.

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