The Little Red Lighthouse – Jeffrey’s Hook – New York City

Daytripping to the Little Red Lighthouse

Being able to get outside and ride a bicycle is always a bright spot. It’s truly a simple pleasure and a wonderful way to get out, to explore, and to enjoy the fresh air.⁠ One of my rides took me along the Hudson River both on the New York and New Jersey sides around the George Washington Bridge and to the little red lighthouse. ⁠

surley pugsly on the george washington bridge

Taking time to ride around and get a good look at this icon of a bridge that we take for granted was interesting. Who would ever imagine that something so tremendous could become background noise in our lives? But, it happens. ⁠

george washington bridge

Seriously, how can such a thing become background noise? How can it become such a common sight that it is no longer arresting when it comes into view? Just look at it! Positively otherworldly ~ like some crazy space machine from a dim corner of the galaxy.⁠

And yet, as people we adapt to our surroundings. We put our on headphones, we dull our senses, distract ourselves and cruise by this metal hulk without so much as a second glance.⁠ Fascinating.⁠

little red lighthouse under the george washington bridge

Aside from riding across the George Washington Bridge for the first time, my goal was to visit the little red lighthouse that lives under the great gray bridge. It stands tucked below the GWB at Jeffrey’s Hook. At 40 feet tall, its cast iron body may be little but it is mighty. Love this wee one.

little red lighthouse under the george washington bridge
little red lighthouse under the george washington bridge
little red lighthouse plaque
surley pugsley under the george washington bridge
The great Lord Chubbleton – my rolling tank.
Looking north from under the bridge
little red lighthouse under the george washington bridge
little red lighthouse sign

In 2015, I rode a bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge. That was something of a bucket list item for me. Not sure why, really. It just held some romantic notion. It was exciting to be able to do that and then take the ferry back over to the wharf area. Anything can bring its own sense of adventure if you want it to.⁠

me on the golden gate bridge

Fast forward to the first time I rode a bicycle across the George Washington Bridge. Having lived within an hour of NYC for my entire life, I’ve seen bicycles cross the bridge a bajillion times. But when you do it yourself, it’s only the first time once and so I tried to savor it.⁠

Admittedly this crossing didn’t hold nearly as much romance as the Golden Gate but, it was still worthwhile and I’m glad that I did it. ⁠ I’d say that 99% of the other bicycles on the bridge that day were fast, lithe, road beauties. But I had just as much fun with ole tubby here. ⁠

hirams in fort lee

And on the west side of the river, I was able to grab a heartburn inducing ripper chili dog from Hiram’s in Fort Lee. The roadside eatery is pretty famous and was a favorite of Anthony Bourdain‘s.

hirams fort lee hot dog


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