Happy Friday: DRZ 400 Parts Installed, Now Let’s Go Riding!

Happy Friday: DRZ 400 Parts Installed, Now Let’s Go Riding!

All of the bits and bobs that the Fedex man delivered to my office last week have now been installed on the DRZ. With temperatures slated to be near 50 degrees over the weekend, I’m hoping to get out and do a little poking around on the bike. Wishing you much of the same. Enjoy your weekend riding. Happy Friday!

Suzuki DRZ 400 Motorcycle Fuzzygalore

  • Do you have any riding plans for the weekend? Make us jealous in the comments below!

7 Replies to “Happy Friday: DRZ 400 Parts Installed, Now Let’s Go Riding!”

  1. ‘Housewife’ weather here so during the week the weather is absolutely beautiful and in the weekend it sucks… 🙁

  2. Boy,, that looks good in black!
    Sounds like your gettin used to it.
    Hows the height feel Rach? If its feelin tall I have the suspension link KOUBA which lowers the rear 1 1/4 in. ,, and then you can lower the forks in the triple to balance it back out. for hardercore offroad it isnt the best ie changes geometry softer suspension,, but if not ,,, its all yours.. had it on mine for like 6 months then did my suspension and lowered it internally in the shock. Really if you want I got it sittin in a box just tell me where to send it…..:-)

    1. Hi Charlie!

      I’m okay with the height in my limited experiences so far. The only time i felt a little nervous about the height was getting on and off the bike in sugary beach sand. Other than that – knock wood – I’m trying to just be okay with it. I’m alright with 1-footing in most situations. Though it might be “heavy” in the realm of true dirt bikes- compared to a road bike it feels so light. Even just pushing it around the garage and driveway – comparatively it feels like a toy. This might be my inexperience of difficult terrain talking though.

      Hopefully we’ll be able to hook up in Wharton or something this year! I think that would be so fun 😀

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