See Rock City Barns

See Rock City Barns

While riding in North Carolina and Tennessee last fall, I saw three See Rock City barns – one of which was entirely serendipitous.

Isn’t it funny how that happens? Something becomes of interest to you and it begins to show itself in unexpected places – sometimes on a path which you’ve already trod. Maybe my dad was right, water rises to its own level. Do we become magnets for things? Do we disperse our energy into the world and watch it fall like glitter on the air, dusting those things that are supposed to sparkle for our attention?

This Rock City barn in Grainger County, Tennessee was gorgeous. I was graced with a big blue sky, vibrant red barn, and green grass just waving in the wind. Seeing this baby was like being inside of a postcard.

On my way north along Calderwood Highway heading to Marysville, Tennessee, I passed this Rock City Barn. I’d had a vague recollection of seeing it several years before on a trip with friends to the Dragon.

Marysville, Tennessee
Google Maps

This super-fade was a stone throw from where I saw one of those menacing Giant Chicken Army soldiers in Robbinsville, North Carolina. One minute you’re contemplating your next move in a global war game against fowl beasts and the next thing you know, BAM! Rock City Barn. Life is nothing if not mysteriuos.

See 7 States from Rock City
Robbinsville, North Carolina
Google Maps

Interested in seeing some barns yourself? Well, you’re in luck. The Rock City website happens to have a location map for ya.

3 Replies to “See Rock City Barns”

  1. Cool story and pics. Isn’t funny how, in our rebellious youth, some of us are determined to be nothing like our parents. Yet, as we age, we find ourselves channeling them. See, we were paying attention.

  2. There are many possible explanations for this and I believe most of ’em. The world is much more complex that we simple apes understand it to be. We need to open our doors of perception. Before we die, we should all do psychedelics at least once (in a safe, controlled setting); it can offer a glimpse of reality beyond our normal view.

  3. As is often the case, your posts have me exploring further with Google Maps, Wikipedia and more. I had never heard of Rock City Barns until today. And now I want to go to Georgia. The magic of the internet.

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