Hunting the Stegosaurus of Hartford

Hunting the Stegosaurus of Hartford

Did I ever mention that I have a teensy-weensy problem with obsession? You’re shocked, I bet. Well, after peering over the rock wall of Alexander Calder’s former home in Connecticut, I browsed the web to try to find places that his work was on public display.

That’s how I found myself riding in to downtown Hartford, Connecticut on a February day. I was hunting dinosaurs. Stegosaurus, to be exact. Stegosauruses? Stegosauri? Whatever. This thing:

Alexander Calder’s Stegosaurus

While I was walking the dog today, looking up at the sky – it made me smile to think that I’m still soft enough to see whales in the clouds, the Wolfman’s face in a tree burl or to enjoy the whimsy of a big red Stegosaurus.

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    1. We’ve gotten a few feet of it but thankfully there have been quite a few warm days sprinkled here and there and it didn’t hang around so long. A light dusting this morning which i’m hoping won’t amount to anything. Praying for no road salting. It’s going to be in the 60s this coming week, if you can believe that. C’mon, spring! 🙂

  1. I love looking at clouds and seeing the wonderful collection of whimsical creatures there 🙂 Never loose that “softness”

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