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See Rock City Barns

See Rock City Barns

While riding in North Carolina and Tennessee last fall, I saw three See Rock City barns – one of which was entirely serendipitous.

Isn’t it funny how that happens? Something becomes of interest to you and it begins to show itself in unexpected places – sometimes on a path which you’ve already trod. Maybe my dad was right, water rises to its own level. Do we become magnets for things? Do we disperse our energy into the world and watch it fall like glitter on the air, dusting those things that are supposed to sparkle for our attention?

This Rock City barn in Grainger County, Tennesseeย was gorgeous. I was graced with a big blue sky, vibrant red barn, and green grass just waving in the wind. Seeing this baby was like being inside of a postcard.

On my way north along Calderwood Highway heading to Marysville, Tennessee, I passed this Rock City Barn. I’d had a vague recollection of seeing it several years before on a trip with friends to the Dragon.

Marysville, Tennessee
Google Maps

This super-fade was a stone throw from where I saw one of those menacing Giant Chicken Army soldiers in Robbinsville, North Carolina. One minute you’re contemplating your next move in a global war game against fowl beasts and the next thing you know, BAM! Rock City Barn. Life is nothing if not mysteriuos.

See 7 States from Rock City
Robbinsville, North Carolina
Google Maps

Interested in seeing some barns yourself? Well, you’re in luck. The Rock City website happens to have a location map for ya.

Pennsylvania: Double Mail Pouch Barn Goodness

Pennsylvania: Double Mail Pouch Barn Goodness

Just a hop, skip and a jump up the road from Pennsylvania’s great welcome sign, I serendipitously saw a double Mail Pouch barn. Aside from the two visible sides in the picture, the small barn also had a Mail Pouch ad on the side facing the big barn.

I seem to say that word a lot; serendipitously. But that’s how it feels when one of the uncommon things that I appreciate makes itself known to me. Sometimes it feels like I was meant to see it. Maybe I just have my antenna up and tuned in to my interests all the time.


The Incredible Snoopy Barn of Nazareth, Pennsylvania

The Incredible Snoopy Barn of Nazareth, Pennsylvania

This Barn is a Must-See!

Located at the Fairman Farm in Nazareth, Pennsylvania the Snoopy barn is sure to bring a smile to your face. Peanuts fans will love seeing the old boy as World War I Flying Ace atop his beloved doghouse.

Snoopy Barn in Nazareth, Pennsylvania

I’d stumbled across a photo of the barn somewhere in passing. After a quick look around on Google, I found that the barn was just a hop, skip and a jump across the Pennsylvania border. That set my mind racing. Seeing it in person was impossible to resist.

As a child of the 70’s, Snoopy was an integral part of growing up. Seeing this mural kicked the nostalgia into overdrive.

Snoopy as World War I Flying Ace - Barn in Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Isn’t it wonderful?

See the Snoopy Barn in Pennsylvania

The Fairman Farm
515 Knauss Rd, Nazareth, PA 18064
Google Maps

2016 Rearview: A Few of My Favorite Things So Far

2016 Rearview: A Few of My Favorite Things So Far

With month number six of 2016 drawing to a close, I’ve seen some pretty terrific roadside-y things in my travels so far. Wanna take a peek?

Mighty Joe – Shamong, NJ

Super-terrific hot dog guy at the super-tiny diner Winsted Diner – Winsted, CT

Flyin’ Pig – Miller Place, NY

Patriotic tire-Minions with braces – Somewhere in CT

Hippie Bunyan Muffler Man on Yasgur’s Farm – Bethel, NY

Purple Dragon – Duncannon, PA

Nifty Shed – Somewhere in CT

Giant Mr. Potato Head – Hasbro – Pawtucket, RI

Just Love Everybody Peace House – Somewhere in CT

A great sign! ๐Ÿ™‚

Roy Lichtenstein’s Tokyo Brushstroke I & II – Watermill, NY

Picasso Garage – Somewhere in CT

Hotdog Johnny’s – Buttzville, NJ

Alexander Calder’s Stegorsaurus – Hartford, CT

Pig Bus – Somwewhere in PA

Rainbow – Hartford, CT

Welcome to Hackettstown Mural – Hackettstown, NJ

Monkey Mural – Bridgeport, CT

Hope for Peace barn – Somewhere in CT

Mail Pouch Tobacco House – Lock Haven, PA

Big Bronze Crows – Kent, CT

Here’s to continued whimsy-spotting throughout the year ::cheers::

A Roadside Humdinger: Mobile Bacon and the Grassy Lick License Plate Barn

A Roadside Humdinger: Mobile Bacon and the Grassy Lick License Plate Barn

Day Ride Route NotesAt the tail end of our Saturday ride with Kathy in West Virginia, she took us along one of her local favorites – Grassy Lick Rd. I was excited about that because it was on my route from the day before but I missed the turn and missed the road altogether.

As we motored along Grassy Lick we found ourselves behind a swiftly moving pickup truck pulling an open trailer. The bed of the trailer had a layer of hay on it’s floor and something else sitting on top of the hay that I couldn’t quite make out.

The truck was going along at a good clip so we just hung back, enjoying the twists and turns, watching the trailer dance along… wait,… is that… a giant pig?

Yes, Mr. 60mph Trailer-Puller was taking his giant pig out for a drive.

“Mabel, I’ma-gunna take the hawg out fo’ a drive. W’be back ‘fore supper.”

 I can honestly say that was the first time I ever followed a pig through the twisties. ::checks that off bucket list::

Not long after the big pig turned off Grassy Lick Road, Kathy’s turn signal came on.

Well, well, well! What have we here?

Just as she had made a special stop for me to check out a Mail Pouch barn she also included a stop at a license plate covered barn. Is she the greatest? ๐Ÿ™‚

license plate barn near romney west virginia

It’s probably a good thing we stopped when we did. Considering the lean on it, it doesn’t look like it is long for this world.

license plate barn

One side of the barn also featured a nice array of hubcaps.

It was really a great roadside specimen. I’m so glad we stopped there ๐Ÿ™‚

license plate barn west virginia

Good roads, good roadside stops, good company. That’s the stuff great road trips are made of.