The Wind Beneath My… Wings?

The Wind Beneath My… Wings?

On Saturday while discussing the nuances of covert school farting techniques with my daughter, I said with a sense of unintended melancholy, “I guess high school kids don’t fart in school, do they? That’s the stuff of elementary school.” Chloe was quick to correct me. “They do it in the hallway. It stinks all the time.”

Curious, I pressed further. “But anyone walking behind you would know it was you!” To which she deadpanned, “that’s their problem.”

It’s a wonder the whole school doesn’t have pink eye.

In semi-related news, back in 2015 during the Void Rally 10, I triumphantly collected the FART bonus for 150 points while standing outside the Bedford Coffee Pot. A crowning achievement.

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      1. Is she your youngest? Because nothing says ’round the world motorcycle trip’ like ‘all the kids just left home & I don’t have to make the time to ride anymore’.

        Or maybe she can get a motorcycle licence, have a gap year & join you on the road for some hard core family bonding?

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