February Blog Posting Prompts from Kathy at Toadmama.com

Kathy at ToadMama.com is serving up a little inspiration to help us keep our blogs busy during the typical February slump. Here in the northeast, lots of people see February as a month when the doldrums really set in. The holidays are over, the warmth of spring is still a ways off and you might have snow on the ground. It’s like the 7th inning stretch. But for me, it’s my birthday month and I like the kitschy Valentine’s decor so it usually doesn’t feel so awful.

Featuring 29 idea prompts, one for each day in the month – Kathy has issued the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge“The idea is to post daily, addressing the theme that coincides with that day’s date.” It’s going to be interesting to try to weave a thread of motorcycling through all of them but I’ll give it a whirl.

Read Kathy’s daily prompts and warm up those typin’ fingers.


Rachael is the whimsical writer behind the 20+ year old Girlie Motorcycle Blog. As a freelance blogger, she is on a mission to inspire laughter, self-examination, curiosity, and human connection. Girlie Motorcycle Blog can be found on several Best Motorcycle Blog lists.

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6 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you are in.

  2. Shybiker says:

    Any excuse to blog is a good excuse! As you say, February is the bleakest month here.

  3. Despite my better judgement I’m going to give it a whirl. What doesn’t kill you makes you strong and such…

  4. I’ll play along too! There’s really not too much else going on. Hopefully this will help warm weather get here sooner.

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