Road Notes – As they Happen?

Road Notes – As they Happen?

I’ve been thinking about ditching Instagram since I’ve pretty much abandoned using it. My feed has become an endless stream of the same old, same old and “influencer” drivel in a way that I can’t connect with anymore. So, what’s the point? Why not just share snapshots as they happen on my own blog instead?

And I totally get that blogs are passive where social media delivers you to a wider audience using hashtags and whatnot proactively, but – so what? I mean what I’m I doing here? The point has always been to document my experiences, firstly for me, and then to share that with whoever wants to read it. And if no one else ever does read any of it, the process of writing would still occur and be important to me.

The change to moving away (back?) from social posting to just the blog is a psychological one. For a long time, I’ve equated a blog to long-form posting. But it doesn’t need to be. So, maybe trying out occasional snapshot/on-the-fly posting from my phone is in order.

The biggest hurdle, I suspect, will be not losing my reading glasses so that I can see to type on my damned phone!

So, off we go. Good morning from my phone and the State Line Lookout.

State Line Lookout
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9 Replies to “Road Notes – As they Happen?”

  1. Ditto. I did the same thing — and find it a smart choice. We need to focus on ourselves, our own experience with the world, not other people’s approval/reaction.

    I recently heard some misguided youngsters are doing things (e.g., travel) solely to brag on Instagram. That’s profoundly sad.

    1. sometimes i’m not sure how i feel about all this.
      If the person who is taking photos and sharing their experiences on instagram feels like their posts are their “art” and they post information to be of service to others, then i can’t argue with their point of view. but i think your choice of words in “brag” is where things start to feel weird for me. or if it feels like they want to sell me something – no, thanks.

  2. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Podcast and the band, I’d totally ditch Facecrap and Instacrap. I get more from blogs and it’s selective.

    1. In many ways, I see Facebook as a “habit.” I scroll through and read news from pages I follow but my friends don’t post quite so many of their own photos anymore so… I dunno.

      But, I agree with you on blogs. Every morning I have a ritual reading in Feedly to see what folks are up to. I think I’ll always favor those documentarians.

  3. Sounds about right. I’ve deleted both my FB and Instagram accounts. At best, they were a way of promoting the blog which is my preferred method of sharing information and pictures. With the blog you are still in control of what is being presented.

  4. Yea me too. I also stopped reading your blog because I abandoned mine for Facebook. So you know what I read about? Things people ate for lunch that I went to high school with. BLOG POWER BABY. I never go back and read old facebook posts but I always love to recall my events going back a few years.

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