Random Things on a Rainy Thursday

Random Things on a Rainy Thursday

“This morning when I got to work, I kept tugging at the collar of my dress. Something about it was so annoying.”

“Was it inside out?”

“No, on backward. Who the hell puts a dress on backward?”

“I dunno, I wore two different shoes to work once so I can’t say anything.”

Just another fascinating evening conversation at Chez Galore.

Life is Random

While we’re on the subject of random things. Here a few photos of stuff I’ve seen over the last few weeks.

This awesomely painted barn was on King’s Highway in Warwick, NY. My friend Rosie had shared a picture of it with me seemingly ages ago. I just happened to zip by recently.

James is giving the King some serious side-eye, right?

Back to my natural color. My selfie game needs a lot of work but whaddayagonnado?

Is this a regional thing? What is meat bingo? I have no idea what this means.

Say it with donuts.

I stopped in to pick up a Shoofly pie. It was worth the trip 🙂

In another life, I used to find myself at the top of Perkins Drive hooking up with friends to ride with just about every Sunday. I grew up not too far south of there. The place was always crawling with other riders. Meeting moto people was part of the fun. Now, I can’t bring myself to ride up there because there would be a million other bikes and such. How times have changed.

Time to put the silicon obsession down
Take a look around, find a way in the silence
Lie supine away with your back to the ground
Dis- and re-connect to the resonance now
You were never an island

Unique voice among the many in this choir
Tuning into each other, lift all higher

8 Replies to “Random Things on a Rainy Thursday”

  1. I believe meat bingo is a sex game for older people. They frown on it at churches but the firemen are more open minded. Paradise is exactly like the wild west only different.

  2. Meat Bingo… My first thought was a church-sponsored mixer for young singles? I guess that’s just the culture of my upbringing showing through—some call ’em Young Single Adults Wards; others, Meat Markets… I, um, dropped out before I was old enough to participate, but those wards still bear that reputation.

  3. My guess is some enterprising delinquent swapped the letters and transformed “Team” to “Meat”. Team Bingo is a new form of bingo for those serious about bingo. A friend once asked me, while watching men in white pants and belt get off a senior citizen tour bus, to kill him if he started dressing that way. I think I’ll ask him to return the favor should he catch me coming out of a firehall on Bingo night.

    In my mind, the King doesn’t belong on that barn. James Dean is expressing the same incredulous feelings the others would have regarding his inclusion.

  4. I was in Nebraska a few years ago visiting family and the local fire department had a “Meat Bingo” night and you actually won different cuts of beef donated by a few local ranchers. The grand prize was a whole side of beef cut and wrapped. Would have been a bit difficult for me to get it through security at the airport when I flew home to California if I had won.

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