Ask Me Anything: What Do You Actually Own?

A few people have asked something similar to Doc’s most recent question:

“I have a simple question – you post pictures with many different types of motorcycles. What do you actually own, or do you rent them? …And what do you prefer?”

Without further ado, here is my current riding stable:

’15 Triumph Bonneville

’14 KTM 690 Enduro

’11 Triumph Tiger 1050

Over the life of this blog, I have had quite a few other bikes so you’ll see those peppered throughout old posts. Some I miss, some I don’t. Everything seemed to serve a purpose towards moving on to the next thing.

The bikes I’ve rented: Triumph Tiger 800/1050, BMW 700GS/800GS/R1150R, Harley-Davidson Road King.

What do I like best? Having choices 🙂

The bikes that I have to ride right now each have their own niche. My riding desires ebb and flow so they each rotate in and out of the favorite spot. The Tiger can hustle on the backroads and eat highway miles, the Bonnie is an easy-does-it ride, and the KTM can go everywhere and is like sex on wheels. I’m happy with this lineup. The only change I’ve been toying with is getting rid of the Tiger. Not to replace it with anything else but just… because. We’ll see.

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5 Responses

  1. Shybiker says:

    My recollection of meeting one of your bikes this year was the Tiger (although I could be wrong). It had your blog-address painted on it. If you replace that bike, please paint the URL on your next bike ’cause seeing that both amuses me and is unprecedented marketing.

  2. Steve Brooke says:

    Nice choices. I too have a few different Motos for differing vibes. Love my DR650 for multi surface meandering, the R90/6 for gentle roadwork and my VStrom for all of the above and everything else.

  3. Kathy says:

    I thought you’d already sold the Tiger. I’m glad to see it still has a place in your stable. Oddly. I’m not sure why I’m glad about that, I just am.

    On another note, there were about a dozen emails in my in box over the past week or so of your blog’s posts. I thought you’d just been really busy writing, but most were older posts I hadn’t read, or didn’t remember well enough so I read them again. I’ve missed blogging, both the writing and the reading, and hope to do more of both in 2018. Your blog is still my favorite. I’m looking forward to sharing more adventures with you in 2018.

  4. Nice stable of bikes. I have a Kawasaki Ninja ZX14, and currently I am shopping for a Kawasaki KLR 650.

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