Chef Boyardee – The Man With a Plan for a Can

Chef Boyardee – The Man With a Plan for a Can

Every American kid who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s probably had more than their fair share of curious meatlumps and squishy sketties from a can courtesy of this dude. The man with the can – Chef Boyardee.

chef boyardee statue in milton pennsylvania

Chef Boyardee was a real dude!

Most people probably think Chef Boyardee was just a marketing character. But no, Hector Boiardi was a real man with a plan and not just a can.

chef boyardee statue in milton pennsylvania

Visit Chef Boyardee

A bronze statue of the good chef’s likeness stands outside of Con Agra Foods in Milton, Pennsylvania.

Visit the statue:
30 Marr St., Milton, PA
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First Commercial – 1953

In this YouTube video you can enjoy Hector Boiardi’s lovely lyrical accent as he discusses feeding your family on a budget.

I’m going to be a bit controversial here but I think Hector was our first celeb sex symbol chef. That accent… [swoon] He’s so persuasive I’m finding myself wanting to feed my family for only 15ยข a meal.

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  1. My parents were Old World German immigrants who did not believe in prepackaged meals, especially in a can. My brothers and I were introduced to Chef Boyardee, Swanson’s, et al by friends’ parents. It was a guilty pleasure we did not tell our parents about. Thanks for stirring a long dormant memory. Bob

  2. The only time we got to have canned spaghetti was when we went camping. Later, while doing geology field work, I was introduced to Chef Boyardee spaghetti (without meatballs) cold out of the can. It had to be without meatballs. Just cheese and sauce…

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