A Sunday Morning Trip to the Post Office – Rebersburg, Pennsylvania

A Sunday Morning Trip to the Post Office – Rebersburg, Pennsylvania

While I was standing in front of the charming Rebersburg, Pennsylvania post office taking photos, the clip-clop sounds of an Amish buggy crept up behind me. As the buggy rolled by, a little girl of maybe 7 or 8 hung halfway out of the back window. She wore a bonnet and had rosy cheeks. Her chin rested on her arm along the window’s edge. Her eyes were fixed on me, the spacewoman in the orange helmet. I raised my hand and waved to her. She smiled and waved back. The horse clip-clopped and pulled her further and further away.

So long, little one. I will think of you again. I wonder, will you think of me too?

Rebersburg was a sleepy place on a Sunday morning. There was nothing doing save for me taking photos and a buggy passing through once in a while. That gave me a chance to look around the little town without feeling self-conscious about gawking at people’s lives.

I found the little store, Hettinger’s Grocery, to be especially endearing. With its wavy glass windows and homemade sign, it had all the right fixins to be the type of place I like. The type that tugs at my nostalgia-loving’ heart.

Just look at the carrots on that sign. The milk, the eggs. And can we talk about those bananas? Perfection.

Riding around in farm country, you get to see all manner of handmade signs. They often have a particularly jaunty penmanship and a scrappy make-do feel. They are wonderful because of their lack of polish and pretense. They almost make me want to buy turnips, horseradish, and baby ducks. Thankfully my tankbag doesn’t usually have enough room.


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  1. You really are riding in the heart of the sticks. And just down the road from my home. I’ve said it before — you really get around. And lately a flurry of posts full of sights and pictures.

    Rebersburg is a great place at the far end of the valley here and in the heart of Amish country in these parts. Did you ride over the mountain from Loganton? Not ever really sure how you’re getting around.

    And on an unrelated note — really like the new look and feel of your site. You’re flying!

    1. I’m not sure about Loganton. I had come from Lock Haven that morning but I’m not sure which route I took.

      I’ve ridden a good handful of dualsport events within the Bald Eagle State Forest from out of Woodward, Lock Haven and Millmont. It is just heavenly in those woods. Love cruising those long gravel roads under the cool canopy. You’re a lucky duck 🙂

      I have so much stuff that I haven’t gotten around to posting. I’m trying to catch up with myself – clear away the loose ends!

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