XX-Files: Women in Out of the Way Places

XX-Files: Women in Out of the Way Places

When I finally got to a clearing where I could see a view of the valley, I’d traveled a couple miles down a long gravel road. There, a single empty car was parked off to the side. Standing alone and taking in the view was a young woman. We gave each other a cursory acknowledgment and continued doing our own things.

Immediately, I was surprised to see a lone woman out there. Isn’t that funny?

What did my surprise mean? Obviously I know that women do things by themselves. Am I just not accustomed to seeing them in out of the way places? Aside from surprise, I also had a sense of pride that caught me off guard. There was no one out along a dusty, dirty track but us. Neither of us special, or superhuman, or anything. Just two average girls, being normal in the world.

Clearly, I need to see more solo women out doing their thing. So much so that I won’t even pick up on the fact that they’re women. Get to it, ladies!

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  1. Check out YouTube videos by solo adventure riders Rosie Gabrielle or Nora. They have ridden alone through the Middle East. Maybe you were their inspiration. Bob

  2. I want to see women doing more solo activities, too, especially fun stuff. Socializing women to avoid going out into the world alone is limiting and ultimately unhealthy.

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