Friday Check-In: Hello from Sleepy Weirdo-Town

Friday Check-In: Hello from Sleepy Weirdo-Town

Happy Friday, youz guyz.

This week started off pretty good but then somehow tripped and landed on its head. On Wednesday, I woke up in the middle of the night. Whatever it was that woke me up, was enough to turn my brain on. Once that happens? It’s over, Johnny. I’m up.

Unfortunately, at my advancing age, I don’t seem to be able to just snap right back after being up all night. Remember how you could just stay up forever when you were 21? Now, it takes me a few days to get back to feeling normal. As a result, I’m limping into Friday with tired eyes, but good spirits.

Don’t really have much fun stuff planned for the weekend. Just a bit of idea polishing. A few weeks ago, I started noodling around with thoughts of taking a road trip. Nothing grandiose like heading out west or anything. Just my usual bumming around looking at “stuff.” And so, I’ve been moving forward with getting that worked out. I’ll probably do a bit of tinkering on that front.

Other than that, I’ll be taking things as they come. Do a little daydreaming, maybe post some stuff I’ve been sitting on, do some wondering where the day went. You know, pretty standard stuff.

How about you? Is anything super-funtacularย going on with you this weekend?


13 Replies to “Friday Check-In: Hello from Sleepy Weirdo-Town”

  1. We’re twins. Went to bed at midnight. Woke up at 4:15 … no chance of falling asleep again. I wish that translated into more productivity or more fun; unfortunately it just makes me a zombie. I’m riding down to Virginia to have brunch with a friend on Sunday …. hopefully I’ll find some “stuff” too. I already have a backlog of things to post; but I’d rather be in the wind.

    1. It’s good to have you back, lady ๐Ÿ™‚
      During the week I’m usually up in the 4-hour. That isn’t a “normal” time for people to get up. And so I think it keeps me feeling tired. Most nights I’ll doze off in the living room for a bit before finally heading off to bed. I have spells of my brain being in something like a manic overdrive that won’t let me stay sleep. those make for long, cranky days. zombie-like is the perfect description.

  2. Saturday: Move adolescent raccoons out to cage for the summer in preparation for fall release. Prepare another fellow rehabber’s cages for babies, put some miles on my road bicycle, ride out on the Harley to gather points for the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge (.com), eat, sleep (never a problem there).
    Sunday: Continue to gather points for Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge, go to Rammstein concert at Jones Beach, eat, get ready for work week, sleep.

  3. -Saturday-
    Think about eating healthy.

    Get up very early (before it hits 100 degrees) and ride to Cave Creek AZ for an Americano and Danish…experience just a wee bit of remorse…wait for it to pass…ride home…notice that only adventure bikes are on the road at this hour.

      1. Well…the “Danish remorse” isn’t always there and the destination can change, but it’s definitely a Sunday routine for the summer.

        Espresso is a must and early morning rides in the desert are the only way to go. Today’s temperature range will be 89-115! While my bike has both a radiator and an oil cooler, my brain pan does not.

    1. I know!!!!!

      Really proud of you for diving into the IBR again. Wishing you safe travels and another finisher status.

      I’ll be combing the daily reports for your name. Hopefully, I won’t see it. that usually means someone did something boneheaded ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. My plans this weekend? I am most fortunate to be retired, and not that old, so every day is a weekend day. I’ll do a few productive things, squander a lot of time, and a little money. It may be too hot to ride here. I look at the thermometer, and my ATGATT gear, and I decide…nah…
    I have to go to a funeral Monday. This will vividly remind me that while life is long, time is short (I read that somewhere). It’s true.
    By the way, I saw your video. You’re very good looking. So get over whatever issue you are dealing with there.

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