Tales of an Awkward Nerdy Girl

Tales of an Awkward Nerdy Girl

This evening after reading about it on a forum I took a ride out to the town of Oyster Bay to check out the car cruise night that they hold. I knew a bunch of folks from a forum I lurk on would be floating around and I thought if I ran in to them, great, it would be nice to meet some new riders. But, I left the house completely expecting to not be able to coordinate meeting strangers in a crowd, which is exactly what happened.

So as I wandered around on my own looking at the cool wares, I had a few people make contact with me by saying things like, ‘Hey, Triumph!’ (I had my Triumph jacket on) and smiling at me, or ‘Heh. Hey! Where’s your bike?’ Then of course there are the sideways glances, the pointing and of course my personal favorite, the head to toe looks at my apparently Martian riding gear. All of the things I feel overly sensitive about when I’m out by myself were completely covered.

There was one curious encounter in particular that stands out in my mind. It took place as I was shuffling along with the crowd. Off to my right and slightly behind me stood a group of young men in their early 20s. I could feeeeeel them looking at me. When I glanced their way, they would look away. I’d then turn away and could feel them looking at me again. As I glanced back and they’d turn away again. Then interestingly enough I saw one of them say to the others, ‘That’s her,’ as he looked directly into my eyes and then looked back to his friends.

It was like they saw Bigfoot or something. Extra! Extra! Yeti descends on Oyster Bay car night!

I don’t know what ‘that’s her’ meant. Is my picture up on a men’s room wall, up in the post office, was I on local news as a wanted criminal? It all felt really weird. I still feel weird now. It felt like they were making fun of me or something. I hate that. The worst part of it being that in my awkwardness I couldn’t bring myself to speak to those guys to find out what they meant. So now I’m left tormented, wondering what that was all about.

Maybe I should’ve shot them with my Duc’s laser beams.

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  1. Did you ever stop to think they might have heard about that girl, with the Goldmember S3, that writes that blog on the interweb?

    Maybe they recognized her, and pointed out “that’s her.”

    Like pseudo-celebrity status.

    Did you ever think about that? Huh? Huh?

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