Two KTMs and the Grand Canyon

Two KTMs and the Grand Canyon

“Babe. Chris asked me to go do that Grand Canyon dirtbike thing with him.”
“Okay. You should do it! When is it?”
“We’re driving out.”

And just like that, with a few days notice my husband Kenny loaded two dirtbikes in the back of his pickup and drove from Long Island to the edge of California. See? I’m not the only one around here who impulsively heads off galavanting.

In two days time, Kenny and his friend Chris were in Moab, Utah where they spent a day riding. The following morning, they reloaded their bikes in the truck and were off to Primm, Nevada. That’s where they ditched the truck and set off across the desert to Bar 10 Ranch to begin the Grand Canyon leg of their trip.

The pictures Kenny sent of the rugged desolation were so beautiful. Here are a few:

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6 Replies to “Two KTMs and the Grand Canyon”

  1. Wow. Those pics are stunning. I’m sure there’s a story in the upside down bike on the small wall image. Glad that didn’t happen on one of the cliffs!

  2. I love Moab!! Was out there 6 years ago and the wife and I are heading out there in May. I’m going to mountain bike and she’s going to shop and sit by the pool.

    1. Thanks! 90% of the time just the iPhone. All of the pics in this post were taken with just the phone. Sometimes if i need to zoom I use my Canon sx720 point & shoot.

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