The Place Where the Pavement Ends

The Place Where the Pavement Ends

Where the pavement ends doesn’t always mark the spot where the journey does. Sometimes if you continue, magical things can happen. For example – unicorns. When’s the last time you saw a unicorn on a two-lane highway or parked in front of a 7-11? Never, amiright? No, you only see those glitter-farting lovelies in out-of-the-way places where tar and asphalt don’t exist. Places such as a sun-dappled woodland glen; lush and green with dew. Or a volcano.

Recently I continued beyond the end of the blacktop. During that ride I came to the place where the trees hold hands. Just beyond that was where they kept the tall, yellow wildflowers tucked away in a meadow. Flowers taller than me, even. But I wouldn’t have known that if I’d just stuck the roads with the lines on them.

Explore. Tread beyond, breathe deeply and feel everything. Be small among the flowers.

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