The Universe Has Spoken – Explore More!

The Universe Has Spoken – Explore More!

Sometimes you can just be moving through the world, minding your own business and then whammo! The universe has a message for you. Or… maybe I’m just a kook?

Explore More Label

I’ve talked about it before, seeing signs. When I looked down and saw the little red label, I felt like I was *meant* to find it.

Yes, I realize how crazy that sounds.

As the years march on I become evermore aware of just how many places I want to go and explore, how many things I want to see. And in those imaginings, I am most often getting there on a motorcycle.

Where does your imagination take you?

4 Replies to “The Universe Has Spoken – Explore More!”

  1. “Where does your imagination take you?”

    I’d love to explore the Moon and Mars but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Otherwise, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, southern Africa, maybe parts of Europe, Canada, South and Central America, Greenland, Antarctica, Southeast Asia, Siberia, I think I’ve run out of time….

  2. Two scenarios have always left me, well, bothered:

    1) Ever since I was a four-year-old kid bumping around the back seat of my dad’s ’72 Ford Bronco, I’ve been haunted by the OTHER roads. You know, the ones (dirt or paved) that you encounter in the middle of nowhere; the ones that spur left or right off the one you’re on; the ones that disappear over that far horizon; the ones that you might never get around to taking… (sigh)

    2) Paper maps. The’re usually detailed enough to spark one’s curiosity, and they’re always vague enough to cement that curiosity. “What’s beyond the end of that road on the map, and what’s it like in real life?” (yet another big sigh)

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