Would I Know Where I Was? Maybe.

Would I Know Where I Was? Maybe.

Because I had all the time in the world, or so it seemed, I took my time riding through Pennsylvania’s rolling hills. Whenever I’m in Pa., something about the little towns and the farms lets me know that I’m in the Keystone state.

somewhere near Slatington, Pa.

I suppose it could be a trick of the mind because I actually do know where I am. But I feel like there is something more, some cues that are picked up maybe on a subconscious level. If someone dropped me off blindfolded in the middle of downtown Slatington – when I took the blindfold off would I know what state I was in? I think so. Can the same be said for the backroads? Tougher for sure, but… maybe?

There are all sorts of clues that we receive each day that go largely ignored. But every once in a while our minds wake up.

Mail Pouch Barn – New Tripoli, Pa.

This Mail Pouch barn is inside Ontelaunee Park in New Tripoli, Pa. The barn itself was moved from down the road in to the park’s Pioneer Village. There, it was restored and given a spiffy Mail Pouch paint job.

somewhere near Slatington, Pa.

Some things you know for sure. I knew it was a beautiful day and the road was calling my name.

6 Replies to “Would I Know Where I Was? Maybe.”

  1. I grew up at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Point Phillips, Pa. parents live in Wind Gap, brother and family in Walnutport. I’m in Hellertown and ride in the area often. I know exactly what you mean 🙂

  2. I know exactly where you are…..er… or at least the vicinity. Just south of Williamsport, south of route 80…. down Route 15 into Lewisburg… west onto Route 45 through Mifflinburg and that area in the valley between the mountains. Lots of great riding in that area. Plenty of dirt, gravel and hidden roads to explore. Haven’t been there in years.

  3. I love PA. Such beautiful country and the roads are perfect for riding. In addition to curves, they have changes in elevation which we don’t see on LI. It often feels like being on a gentle roller-coaster.

  4. Pennsylvania is one beautiful state … one day, I hope to be able to go on an extended bike trip through this amazing part of America!

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