Sad Sittin’ Muscle Seeks Relief

Sad Sittin’ Muscle Seeks Relief

On Sunday, I left Long Island bright and early setting off to do my first long day ride on the Bonneville. Yes, I’ve ridden the Bonnie all day before but not with the same wide arc of distance and speed that I would normally use my Tiger for. Riding all day and barely covering 200 miles feels a whole lot different than knocking out 400 miles on what I now believe to be a torture rack of a saddle.

Even with the pain in my ass, I immensely enjoyed my day. Up to this point I hadn’t noticed just how hard the Bonnie’s gel seat is. My butt cheeks didn’t hurt or feel tingly, it was more like an boney ache in ischium. (Yes, I had to look up what the butt bones were called.) By the time I made it back home around 7:30pm, it was sad times in the back of my pants.

I really like the way the current seat looks in shape and with the red stitching. In the interest of science, I’m going to give it a few more long rides to see if my butt is just out of practice from the long winter or if the seat really is a challenge. I really don’t want to buy anything else. ::sigh::

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    1. Yeah, that Ural long seat was terrible in that it was soft and unsupportive. I never spent long days on it though so I can’t image what it’s like alllllllll day.

      The strange thing about this particular pain was that it was worst in the split second where you’d been sitting and then lift off the saddle. Like the change of scenery made you realize how much your hindquarters was hurtin’.

    1. Yea, I did stop and walk around, take pics, squirm to relieve the pressure, lift my bum off the seat… all of that. The bones were just aching. Strange. I haven’t had that feeling before.

      I’m going to tie a pillow around my waist 🙂

  1. Hi, have a look at the Real Classic web site. From a couple of recent owner reviews of the Bonnie, I’d say you weren’t alone, they both complain about the hard seat and have tried different approaches to fix the problem – new single seat, or more gel added by a specialist. Always enjoy your posts – good luck in finding a fix.

  2. All seats differ in comfort. My old LT became uncomfortable when the padding aged and sank; I found a solution with seat-beads which diffuse the pressure.

  3. As much as I love the look of that bike, I always thought the seat looked as if it would be uncomfortable. My seat isn’t all that comfy either. Long hours in the saddle will always get uncomfortable to a degree, but I’d sure love to find a seat that’s comfortable for longer periods. I’d rather avoid having to add sheepskin, beads, etc.

  4. I feel your pain…lol. Seriously, there is nothing worse than a bad seat, you may want to consider a custom seat.

    I have had custom seats on all my bikes, from Mustang, to Rick Mayer. I do not ever want to even think about my seat, that’s a good seat in my book! Not sure who makes them for the Bonnie, unfortunately.

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