Winter Not-Riding on Long Island

Winter Not-Riding on Long Island

Greetings from the iceberg Long Island.

When I got up yesterday morning the snow was at it again. We saw a few more inches fall before lunch hour. By the time afternoon rolled around, the sun muscled its way into the sky and began to melt away some of the morning powder.

fuzzygalore snowy DRZ Winter days of yore on the DRZ

As I walked the dog around the neighborhood under a winter blue sky, I felt an innate awareness that we’re getting closer to this snow cycle being over. That cheered me up a bit. Soon we’ll start to see the crocuses and daffodils pop up. That is – once this mountain of standing snow we have everywhere melts. It’s like the flippin’ tundra around here.

Some winters, I have been able to cheerfully shrug off the weather and just roll with the punches. I would take my motorcycle out and just bum around even if it was just for a few minutes. I would savor a quick blast around town to stretch my legs and get a rush.

This year? Haven’t even considered it.

Is this it? Am I getting old?

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  1. We get very little snow in Yorkshire compared to you. I try to avoid riding on real snow but it’s the ice that scares me. Still, driving’s often not an option so it makes no real difference. I need to get to work so if I can ride I will. Best part is when spring arrives and fair weather riders come out of hibernation. You’ve spent all winter searching for that elusive grip and are already bringing your a game. Gives you a certain sense of achievement.

    however, I’m pretty sure if I still lived in new England I’d have to have alternative transport.

    Not long now. Bring on spring.

  2. We still have a couple more months before Spring makes it’s appearance though the days are getting longer. I think we are over 9 hours so it feels a lot more “Springy” than it actually is.

    As far as the last question, I’m not sure age has anything to do with it. Just desire and motivation. Maybe you’re looking for more excitement and thrills than you get from riding on 2 wheels on ice…

  3. You must be more sensitive than I am. When I walk my dog Junior I only sense cold, disillusionment, and the rapid onset of old age. I do notice my hearing has sharpened on certain frequencies — I can clearly hear the wind howling.

    I could have ridden this past week in between and in part through the snow but I’ve had little interest this season in that sort of two-wheeled exploring. The novelty has warn off I guess.

    Each day I pray for warmer weather but all I see is more snow. God hears all prayers but sometimes the answer is no…

    1. ” God hears all prayers but sometimes the answer is no… “
      That made me laugh. I got a strong image of having someone in the clouds sitting at a desk, white robe, abruptly hanging up the phone on someone like a telemarketer 😀

  4. It’s not age, it’s wisdom. You’ve learned where there’s ice and snow there’s freaking, bone chilling cold. Life is to enjoy and it’s most enjoyable when you are not freezing to death.

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