Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

During an after-dinner ride last week, I felt the stabbing pang of knowing that my child is no longer a little kid. No, she’s a bonafide young woman. Soon, Chloe will be piloting her own motorcycle or scooter to and fro on the roadways. No longer will their be an occasional *bonk* on the back of my helmet. Who would’ve ever suspected that it could be something you’d miss?

As a parent, I’ve been struck by the understanding of just how much my child has grown at a few pivotal moments. It’s kind of like… you don’t see it happening, don’t see it happening, don’t see it happening and then WHAM! you get hit in the head with a rolling pin. In that moment it is as plain as day that your little one isn’t so little anymore.

Her own motorcycle. On the roads. ::sigh:: How did that happen so fast?

She doesn’t like having her picture taken or being fussed over but she humored me with a snap <3

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  1. I also struggled with what I call “The letting go process”. It starts when they take their first wobbly steps, and you literally hafta “let go” in order for them to learn and progress. Then you don’t hover and stand so close when they are at the playground. And so it goes. If we did your jobs right as parents, our kids will make mostly smart decisions, and we won’t always be there to catch them when they fall. Parenting; a lifetime of on the job training. Bob

    1. Sometimes I think i hover/hovered a little too much, though. But i do try to just let her go and figure it out along the way, maybe provide some gentle guidance from the sideline. i guess this process never stops, does it?

  2. My oldest son just got his license after taking the MSF class. I have a full set of rules because 17 year olds (as great a kid as he is) can be idiots. I’m sure yours will embrace and enjoy many years of riding.

    1. Good for him! I guess we all go through the process of hoping that we instilled the concept to do everything within their power to protect themselves. Gotta let them fly.

      …but it’s so hard!

  3. Rachel we are at another pivotal moment in my family, my daughter turns 19 in a week and a half, here it is the age of majority. The ‘whammo’ moment came last Friday when we were out dress shopping for a family occasion and one for her to wear on her 19th birthday. All I can say is her tastes have certainly changed from sedate dress to things with more edge. She looked gorgeous, but it was hard as a parent to deal with the ‘how grown up that style is’ look and it made my heart keening for the days of pony tails and running shoes with lights. I am still trying to figure out where all the time has gone and I sigh because I know it is just a very short matter of time when she will decide that she needs to have her own place and be completely autonomous from the mothership. But I take comfort in letting her know that the landing bay doors are always open for the pod to come back at any time. Oy gotta stop drinking coffee and blogging.

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