Fuzzygalore Just Checked-In @ the Tundra

Fuzzygalore Just Checked-In @ the Tundra

::cough::cough:: shoos dust away:: Geez.

Hello 🙂

I’ve missed youz guyz! Not to mention I’ve kinda sorta missed having something motorcycle-y to write about.

Well, to be fair – there is plenty to write about. You could say I’ve taken a bit of a moto-hiatus for 2014 so far. I could come up with some easy excuses like say, the [cue booming danger music and echo] P O L A R R R  V O R R R T E X, but, they’d be just that – excuses.  Lately, I’ve just been doing other stuff with my free time.

Did I just hear you say, “there is other stuff besides motorcycles?”

Sometimes I debate whether or not anyone would give a crap about what those other things are that I do with my time. You know, in the interest of being a good blogger versus being a good motorcycle blogger. There’s a lingering desire to set up a dusty corner of my blog to talk about other stuff and just hide it from the main feed. Maybe.

But, anyway. Everyone here in Fuzzmoptown is safe and sound. My bike is snoozing away on the battery tender, waiting patiently for me to take my head out of my ass.

In the meantime most of my motorcycle-related thoughts have been revolving around the Euro riding trip we’ll be taking later on this year. Kenny and I will be hooking up with our friend Pimmie from Holland again and… we’ll also have special guest stars Ed & his lady Drea along for the ride. If you’ve read any of my California riding posts – Ed makes appearances there. We travel well with Pimmie, we travel well with Ed. I can only imagine we’ll all travel well together.

Needless to say, I’m very excited. It can be hard to find a balance between enjoying your life in the time that leads up to a trip and wishing it were here already. Patience isn’t my strong suit but I’m trying.

So… How are YOU?

5 Replies to “Fuzzygalore Just Checked-In @ the Tundra”

  1. Always love reading whatever you have to say fuzzy…..all is good here in the future!! Looking forward to the possibility of moving to the US for a while, the sexy blue Harley in my garage will most certainly be joining me if it’s a long term stay….maybe I’ll do Route 66 in reverse and keep going east to Long Island to say hello!!
    Have an awesome week!!!

  2. Even if you haven’t been riding this year (I haven’t either) at least you have a cool moto-trip to look forward to and it is good to have other interests so when those snowy days hit you aren’t bored out of your mind.

  3. Hey Rach,

    Funny you mention the moto-hiatus and the question of being a good blogger vs being a motorcycle blogger.

    That exact question is the reason I came to your site today and started digging deeper into older posts.

    You mentioned keeping busy with non-motorcycle projects and things. That’s exactly where I am. This weekend I didn’t have any rides worth mentioning (though I was on and off the bike running errands all weekend) – but I wash the bike, plant tall grass, and completely filthy the bike again with saw dust from sanding the wood I’ll be building my kitchen table with.

    It wasn’t exactly how I planned on dirtying up my motorcycles.

    A couple nights ago, after a long talk with a friend, I wrote a post that begins like this:

    “Fuzzygalore has been one of my favorite motorcycle bloggers for years. Her posts aren’t always motorcycle-intensive and that’s part of the charm. Fuzzy writes and posts pictures of life as it happens, and we love her for it.

    I’m going to take a page from Fuzzygalore’s book and forget about motorcycles for this one.”

    That’s right. Rather than man up and say “Screw you, this is my blog, I’m going to write whatever I want.” I am totally hiding behind Fuzzygalore’s skirt. I’m ok with that.

    Just know that your knack for combining motorcycle with real life is noted, and appreciated. When other bloggers are looking for a little inspiration, or trying to figure out how to do the same, we come here to learn from the best.

    Ride safe missy, you’re an asset to the community. You just keep on doing this blog thing however you see fit, odds are, we’ll like it.


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