Do Women Who Ride Motorcycles Find It Easier to Get Dates?

Do Women Who Ride Motorcycles Find It Easier to Get Dates?

I received a comment from long time motorcycle rider BobbyN who asks the following:

In a previous life I was a bartender for a large theme restaurant in NYC. I worked with a lot of great waitresses who would complain about not finding a boyfriend, which I would have a tough time believing. Now I have another wonderful, beautiful, successful, very funny friend in L.A. who is crying these same blues. I would joke that if a woman learned how to ride a motorcycle, she would never have that problem.

Then I thought, is that true or just a male perspective?

Though I did meet my other half on a motorcycle ride, I don’t have a lot of experience in this department. So, I thought I would open this question up to the floor.

Ladies, Gents – What do you think?

Do women who ride motorcycles find it easier to get dates or find a longterm mate?


9 Replies to “Do Women Who Ride Motorcycles Find It Easier to Get Dates?”

  1. I met my wife before either of us started riding, so motorcycles didn’t help.

    We both agree though that a competent rider is attractive.

    1. Because so much of my attention and interest is wrapped up in them, i have to imagine that whether or not someone rides a motorcycle would attract me to them.

      Common interest, common bond – someone who understands your passion for the pastime.

  2. I think the ladies may get asked out a lot more, but it wouldn’t necessarily help them find a mate.

    I met Troubadour while we were both out cruising the beaches with friends in pick up trucks. He was into motorcycles but didn’t own one at the time an I hadn’t been on one in a few years.

  3. hmmm funny, ive always joked and said i find it harder to get dates now. i think its because 1) the man doesnt ride or is only an enthusiast (and i wont date non-motorcyclists anymore) or 2) my bike is bigger than theirs! ;D

    1. I agree with you in that I don’t think I could deal with someone who didnt understand the passion for motorcycles. My ex-husband did know how to ride but was just not “into it.” I should have known it was doomed from the start 😆

  4. Interesting Post, I always wonder about the perception regarding women.
    I think is really cool to get Motorcycle Gear and helmets, to me is like buying a new pair of shoes.

  5. I think some guys might get intimidated by a strong female cycle riders or other guys may think women just ride bikes too look cute in their motorcycle gear. However, any woman who is confidant enough to ride with the boys, doesn’t care who is asking her out bc she doesn’t need a man.

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