Re-Tread: Post Christmas Weekly Wrap-Up

Stuff that happened during the week of December 22-28, 2014

What’s Goin’ On

fuzzygalore ural big duckCan you believe that Christmas is already a few days past? All that build up and it slips away like a thief in the the night. A thief that brings presents. Apparently I’m not good with similes.

The weather has been really weird here on the Isle of Long. Lots of rain but not terribly cold and I haven’t been riding my motorcycle. On the sunny days over the last week I’ve been running, dancing in a bunny suit and riding my fatbike. But I’ve been thinking about riding my motorcycle, so that’s something.

I did actually roll the Enfield out of the garage with the intention of riding it. But as I think I may have mentioned previously, the battery is shot. For whatever reason I’m complete shit at kickstarting anything. It must be that I go in halfhearted. I’m convinced that I’m going to loop the bike over and somehow end up underneath it. That would be a pretty incredible feat that defies physics and all but, when I’m determined to do something I usually make it happen. I only wish I could use that same determination to actually kickstart the bike. So, after a few lame, limp kicks, I wheeled the Enfield back in to the garage and ate some cookies.

Hope you had an excellent week, friends!


Interesting Reads

Stuff that caught my eye while I was perusing the web.

Vir over at Helmet Stories went on a Triumphant Adventure. You know, cruisin’ around in the Himalayas looking for snow on a Triumph Bonneville and his mate on a Speed Triple. You should check that out. It will send your wanderlust in to overdrive and maybe change your way of thinking on the whole “adventure bike” business:

· A Triumphant Ride into the Himalayas


This Weeks Favorite Tweets

I’m a chronic tweeter. When I have down time like being a passenger in a car or when I’m in slug-mode, Twitter is my go to fix for idle chatter. The amount of funny, interesting or beautiful things that zip through my timeline each day is pretty amazing.

These were some of my favorite tweets this week:


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Fatbike Posts

When it’s cold or the snow is flyin’ you’re more likely to find me on Lord Chubbleton’s two wheels than on a motorcycle.

fuzzygalore lord chubbleton surly pugops fatbike


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4 Responses

  1. Rosie says:

    That kickstart story made me reminisce of an old scooter I had decades ago. I spent more time kickstarting the damn thing than riding it.
    Eating cookies is definitely more fun. 🙂

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      Cookies for the win. 😀

      What kind of scooter did you have? I sometimes think I’d like a scooter. But I think i’d be killed locally. Too much fast paced traffic and too many distracted drivers.

      • Rosie says:

        It was a powder blue 1965 Lambretta Starstream. I made a fuzzy, leopard print seat cover for it. It was only 125cc so I rode around town mostly. It was a short lived love affair, she was a bitch!

  2. Shybiker says:

    Our run of unusual warmth is about to end — we’re plunging into cold tonight and will wake up to 20-degrees tomorrow.

    Love your clever wordplay (“Isle of Long”). I’m gonna steal that.

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