Looking at Past Travels with 20/20 Hindsight

Looking at Past Travels with 20/20 Hindsight

Tonight over dinner, Kenny and I were talking about a road trip that we took together in 2005. We rode out to see Mount Rushmore. And since we were in the neighborhood, we also stopped in to visit Yellowstone. With only a small window of time to get out there from Long Island, we had to scurry back home much quicker than either one of us would’ve liked. But, at the time we did it the only way we could if we were going to ride out. The choice we were faced with was to hustle or stay home.

Over a decade has passed since that trip. Tonight as we talked, feelings of wishing that we would have done things a little differently bubbled up. We’ve learned so much about ourselves in the passing years. Of course, thinking those woulda-shoulda-coulda thoughts can only come with hindsight. I have to come to terms with the idea that if we knew how to do things differently, we would have.

Do you do that, too – look back at past trips with fresh eyes and wish you would have stopped at x, y or z since it was right there?

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  1. I guess the next question is what do you do differently now…?
    Me – I used to get home with no photos as I was too busy riding. Often passing a photo opportunity only to think that I should have stopped. Now I stop take thst photo and take in the moment.

    1. Well, now I know about more things I could have stopped and seen along the way. But, thems the breaks.

      I wish i was able to mentally slow down a little more back then. I was wound significantly tighter than I am now. I must’ve REALLY been a nightmare 😉

  2. Certainly. But most of my wistful regrets are insurmountable: missed opportunities due to lack of time. I feel pressured to return to work so (like you on this trip) I rush home instead of lingering and exploring.

  3. I took a month long motorcycle ride in 2005 that took me to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. I started my ride from Eureka in northern California and looped through the northern and central states as far as the Mississippi River taking in most of the National Parks. I looked through some of my photos to see if I caught you two watching Old Faithful or gawking at the presidents, but didn’t spot you. I feel the connection though.

    1. That sounds like it was an awesome trip! Being from California, is riding to other parts of the country a let down strictly in terms of the road/fun factor? I realize new scenery has its own unique appeal, but I always imagine everyone who lives in CA is in a perpetual state of riding nirvana 🙂

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