I Spy: Do You Know the Year and Model of this Puch Motorcycle?

I saw this interesting machine parked in the village last weekend.

From poking around on the web, it appears to be a mid 60’s Puch “twingle” cylinder, but I do not know the model or displacement.

Puch twingle Motorcycle in parked New York City

Wooooo Magazine blog spotted the very same motorcycle parked in Nolita in 2008.

Puch motorcycle parked in New York City


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8 Responses

  1. Take a look here: http://puch250.wordpress.com/250-sgs-1950/ If not a match, it appears to be of similar vintage.

  2. travel says:

    I am impressed on all the vintage things. I mean that everything that its old but in the same time, has quality, obvious has an important quality for me. If you are aware by the words, that, once the years pass for a specific thing, that will get and gain more value.

  3. GLantern says:

    That is a cool motorcycle it reminds me of a BMW for some reason i’m sure it has nothing todo with the similar logo hah!

  4. soth says:

    I know the owner and we park together often. He’s a nice enough fellow, but he knows nothing about his bike.

  5. pimmie says:

    Knows nothing about his own bike? That must be liberating…

  6. Trobairitz says:

    Cool picture. Why does the bike remind me of the bikes on the TV show “Hogan’s Heros”?

  1. February 17, 2011

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Motorcycle Stuff, Burning Eagle . Burning Eagle said: I Spy: Do You Know the Year and Model of this Puch Motorcycle?: I saw this interesting mac… http://bit.ly/him5ex #motorcycles arecool […]

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