DRZ Bits: The Birthday Fairy Came!

DRZ Bits: The Birthday Fairy Came!

You know? I think I may have won the boyfriend lottery. The UPS man came a-callin’ at my office today, delivering what I found out, was an early birthday present from Kenny.

Inside the box: The Clarke 3.9 gallon fuel tank for my DRZ. Surprise!

Clark 3.9 gallon fuel tank DRZ
More Go - Less Stop

I can safely say that I am the only person at work with a gas tank on their desk.

Should I take this as a sign that Kenny wants me to go away? I just may have to take him up on that this spring.

15 Replies to “DRZ Bits: The Birthday Fairy Came!”

    1. 😆 no – i’ve still got a little time to go. Don’t try to rush me over the hill, damnit!

      Kenny gets so excited about presents if I don’t open them i think he’ll spontaneously combust. I did it as a favor to him 😉

  1. Way to make sure Kenny didn’t explode into flames. That’s a very cool gift. I would hope you’re the only worker with a gas tank on her desk. And I don’t think he wants you to go away. I think that gas tank means “will you run away with me?” (The “me” being him I am referring to!)

    1. Sometimes it gets a little weird around here, TM. You never know what you’ll find on someone’s desk 🙂

      You’re such a doll, Judy. You make me blush 🙂 I really wish you weren’t on the other side of the country. I think we’d have lots of cups of coffee together.

      You know it Kari! Isn’t it romantic? 😆
      Yes, that’s my desk Gumby 🙂

  2. From where I sit, yes… you did win the boyfriend lottery. I think I made that perfectly clear when I met the two of you. You are both lottery winners!! Happy Birthday, you lucky girl. I just love the two of you..

  3. Yeah yeah yeah – I know it’s not all that fancy shmancy, and sometimes I am filled with a bit of guilt that some of the gifts I give her might not follow television’s guide to what a woman wants, but I try to find things that will really make a difference and put a smile on her face. At least it wasn’t a vacuum!

  4. whoo! I love my clarke tank, and riding my drz 400 on the street I find that I get nearly 200 miles per tank before flipping to reserve. which is AWESOME. I have a really long commute so I only have to stop for gas every two or three days, instead of every day, with the larger tank.

    I put up notes from installation on my blog – under the DRZ 400 tab at the top.

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