Blog Post Round Up: February 8, 2011

Blog Post Round Up: February 8, 2011

I use Google Reader to stay on top of tons and tons of blogs. There is some terrific content out there on the web. Blog posts that make you think, laugh, inspire you, and just add a little sunshine to your day.

These are just some of my favorites from the past week:

Crazy Bikes: Dragon Trike outside of Scappoose, OR
God bless the kooks!

TGIF: Friday’s Random Picture.
Deliciously bizarre, maybe not so motorcycle-y but yes, random!

Classic Rides, Motorcycles, and Life on the Road
Vintage beauties

Fleeter Logs – #148b Following the IBR
Bringing back memories of watching the 2009 Iron Butt Rally and rooting for Catfish.

Google Sightseeing – Street View’s Most Breathtaking Rides
The stuff dreams are made of.

Yamaha V-Star 1100
The family that rides together, well, rides.. together.

Do You Think You’re an Adventure Rider?
Tiffany Coates is in a word, inspirational.


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