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Introducing the Alpine Rental Steed – BMW F700GS

Introducing the Alpine Rental Steed – BMW F700GS

One of the biggest concerns that we had when choosing a rental bike was its fuel range. Sure it would be nice to try an all singin’, all dancin’ big ole “dream bike”. But a gas-sipper that can still motor along the highway is where I was squarely focused.

With that in mind, Kenny and I both ended up on a pair of BMW F700GSs.

The little GS had friendly, predictable power – there were no abrupt surprises. I especially liked its low seat height and found it to be comfortable and nimble. It was an all around easy ride. On the downside, the brakes left a bit to be desired. And I did miss that punch of power on demand I get from my Tiger when passing while already hustling. But a person who likes to ride around on something like the Enfield can’t be too picky on that front.

While I didn’t fall in love with the bike – I would definitely rent one again.

On average, we saw gas priced at abouuuuuut 1.75 per liter. That put us in around $8.50 per gallon. OUCH. You can keep your big horsepower and your fancy working brakes! The F700GS was getting about 50mpg.

You know? I think we made a good choice.

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2011 Crotona Midnight Run: The Right Tool For the Job?

2011 Crotona Midnight Run: The Right Tool For the Job?

I get excited about things. It’s just my way. Quite often Kenny has to talk me down off the ledge when my enthusiasm overshadows my good sense. On Saturday I told him that I was committed to doing the Crotona again this year.

Naturally his first question was “what bike are you taking?” When I answered “the DRZ”, he kind of looked at me like, well,… like he looks at me a lot. With the “are you an idiot?” look.

Bless his blonde, little heart, he did have some good points against riding the DRZ. Points that I did already consider. Mainly that I wouldn’t be able to run a full suite of electrics. And of course there is that pesky slab ride to and from the starting line.

“Why don’t you take the GS?” he said in typical deadpan delivery.
In a moment of true luminescent brilliance, I replied :blink:blink: “Uh? I don’t know?”

The Big Bomber

Fuzzygalores Big Bomber - the BMW 1150GS

The GS  (which we call “The Big Bomber”) is like our red-headed stepchild bike. I sometimes forget that I even own it.

Simply put – I do not love the GS.  It’s fine, it works, it’s a tank. It can eat up the miles and keep you comfortable at the same time. You can bolt/strap/tie a shit-ton of stuff on it and ride for a bajillion miles while powering electric underpants, a radar detector, 48 GPSs, a missile launcher and the WOPR.

Even though it looks like a hippo on roller skates –  once rolling it is surprisingly light on it’s feet. BUT… eh. I don’t know. It never found it’s way into my heart and stayed there. Our love affair was brief.

So, Kenny absolutely did have a point. The GS is probably the right tool for the Crotona. I can wear all of my electrics. The highway ride to and from the start location will be a piece of cake. I’ll have plenty of room to attach a light and space to put my route sheet and I won’t have to fill up at the halfway mark to make sure I can get to the end of the ride.

Damn it! I hate it when he’s all sensible and stuff.

The Big Bomber will ride again.