Christmas Eve With DRZs and an Odd Bird

Christmas Eve With DRZs and an Odd Bird

On Christmas Eve, Kenny and I went for a ride. It was cold but still a beautiful afternoon.

DRZ on a Christmas Eve Ride

There is a peacefulness at the beach in winter that I love. I stood watching the birds pecking along the shoreline. Their little feet skittered along so quickly. Do you imagine the sounds of a small xylophone tinkling when you see the frenzied feet of shorebirds? No? Just me? Anyway…

When I pulled my photos off of the memory card I had to laugh to myself when I saw this one zoomed in:

One odd bird on the shorelineclick to enlarge

I have, on more than one occasion, been called an odd bird. I feel a bit of a kinship with the kook on the right. There’s one in every crowd.

8 Replies to “Christmas Eve With DRZs and an Odd Bird”

    1. Thanks, Anthony & George 🙂
      It was just one of those lucky moments to catch the world being it’s beautiful self.

      Are you an odd bird like (apparently) Ralph & I, George?

  1. Love the post! With in the last week I have been call both an “old bird”, and a “kook”, I think some one even called me an “old kook” at one point.

  2. I like the first pic, too. I didn’t even notice the outsider until you pointed him about. I imagine him in an annoying Joe Pesci voice saying, “Aw. come on guys. You are all boring. Don’t just stand there all stiff and stuff. Try this!”

    I wish I had a beach. Actually, I wish I had a creek or river running through my yard. THAT would be awesome.

    Odd is good. I may have been called strange once or twice in my life. Like last night when I excitedly told Hubby about the Muffler Men. He thinks I am nuts. 🙂

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