Christmas Swag: I Got Street Wheels for My DRZ

Christmas Swag: I Got Street Wheels for My DRZ

If I ever complain my deliciously wonderful boyfriend doesn’t listen to me when I talk, kick my ass. Please.

During the summer, I had often commented that having street tires would be a hoot on the DRZ. So being the super-awesome man that he is, this year for Christmas Kenny got me a set of Warp9 wheels and a new dash computer for my DRZ. He’s such a gem.

Now, I can swap between my street and dirt wheels. Whose got two thumbs and is excited? ::::Thissssss girl:::

Warp 9 Street Wheels for my DRZ

On top of that,… I got motorcycle socks! See what I’m saying? A gem! I think I’ll just have to keep him.

How about you? Did you find any motorcycle stuff under your Christmas tree?

6 Replies to “Christmas Swag: I Got Street Wheels for My DRZ”

  1. A helmet cam! Woo hoo! And a BMW key fob. Double woo hoo. Not for what it is, but what it represents. Which is essentially, “Yes, okay, we can buy the new BMW you REALLY want and the not the V-Strom that’s cheaper and probably just as good because we should be able to splurge on ourselves every now and then.” 🙂

    I am VERY excited. Enjoy your new wheels!

    1. TM – That is such great news! I know you were smitten after the Dolomites trip. Now to be able to make that dream a a reality… how awesome.

      Are you impatient? Are you doing the “can we go now” dance? Because i think I’d have already been to the dealer and picked the bike out already 😆 I’m really excited for you. It’s so nice to get the things you really want <3

  2. Fuzzy, if it weren’t so dang cold, I’d be very impatient. I HAVE been to the dealership looking. I actually went there to get Hubby some socks for Christmas, but lucky for me my orange model had been sold. Color isn’t that important, but I really like the orange one.

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