Cue the Monsoon – We’re Going on Weekend Road Trip

Cue the Monsoon – We’re Going on Weekend Road Trip

It really has become a point of comedy around here. Our area could be withering in the grips of a month long drought… until we decide to leave for something more than a day ride. Once our wheels crest the breach of the garage door? Whammo! Rain.

True to form, I laid in bed at the 2am hour of Thursday morning listening to the rain pelting against my bedroom window. The branches of the trees whipped around in the gales of wind. In the semi-sleep haze, I thought,

‘Oh, c’mon. I figured it would rain but please,… please, just let the winds ease up.’

With two hours left to sleep before the alarm clock buzzed, I hovered in a dream-like state hoping the weather would simmer down. It was a relief to hear nothing but rain as I made my 4am coffee.

With a 400 mile stint on the slab ahead of us to get to where we were going in West Virginia – we left home in the dark, wearing our rain gear. If I have to make deals with the universe, I will take that leg in the rain if it means that I’ve got three days of sunshiney twisties ahead of me. Luckily for us, the universe felt that was a fair trade. Sunshine was on the way…

gas station selfie
Gas Station Selfie – So long, rain!

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