We’ll Leave the Light on for Ya

Jiminy Crickets, it felt like it was 186 degrees out today. I had 3 hours to kill so I figured I’d pop put for a quick scoot around town. Because traffic is a nightmare in these parts, I sometimes try to work within a basic framework of seeing some of the local sights. It makes for a more entertaining ride than just meandering around aimlessly. When I’m in places off of this sandbar that have more elbowroom, wandering around aimlessly is often precisely what I do. This is generally referred to around the house as ‘riding around in circles’.

‘Where did you go today?’
‘No place, really. I just rode around in circles.’

I pulled out of my driveway with the intention of visiting the Eaton’s Neck Lighthouse. Of course, being armed with the information that the lighthouse is now closed to the public because it is a Coast Guard station might’ve been helpful before I ventured out into the oppressive haze. I believe G.I. Joe said it best,” knowing is half the battle.” So, not unlike my denial at the base of Mount Washington, so too was I so close yet so far from my goal. No dice on the lighthouse. I’m starting to get a complex.

Long Island being an island and all has quite a few lighthouses that are reachable or at least viewable from the mainland. While simmering away in my jacket with the sun on my back, thinking about the lighthouse, I remembered riding out to the Montauk Point Lighthouse back in 1999. Sure enough, I still have a pic or two tucked away in the way back photo storage machine here. It also had some pretty hokey pics of me taking myself far too seriously. :::sigh::: Youth is wasted on the young.

It one of my early morning trips to ride around in circles this past January, I stopped at the Horton’s Point lighthouse in Southold.

I guess trying to visit the other lighthouses will give me something to do. Muffler Men, Lighthouses, giant balls of twine… so many things to see, so little time.

Horton Point Lighthouse – January 2007
This site has a nice map & personal photos of the lighthouses here on the Island as well as elsewhere if you nav up thru their pages.


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