On The Road: Start Your Day Happy

On The Road: Start Your Day Happy

While heading off on a recent road trip, I spotted this Thomas’ English Muffin Truck on the highway: “Start your day happy.” Okay, Mr. Muffin,  I will!

I’m usually in a happy mood when we set off somewhere but seeing this truck gave me a little extra boost. How can you not smile when you see those nooks and crannies grinning at you?
English Muffin Smiley Face Truck

If you find this smiley muffin cute – take a look a look at the Faces in Places blog.

2 Replies to “On The Road: Start Your Day Happy”

  1. That’s super-cute! Thanks for sharing.

    For me, riding is inherently joyful. In the saddle, I’m constantly looking for things that bring a smile to my face: e.g., road-signs; rainbows. A friendly English Muffin qualifies!

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