The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

Life is funny. You never know when you will turn the corner and have the imprint of a dream that will steer the events of your life. You can just be moseying along and something will sneak up on you and crawl into your psyche and just wait patiently, quietly moving you through your life, making things happen without you even realizing that you are working towards the achievement of a goal. Sometimes I wonder if it really is the act of achieving this thing whatever it may be, or if it is just the delicious act of dreaming itself that keeps you going?

I find it kind of funny too that your own DREAMS, these things that can passionately drive you, can hold absolutely no value whatsoever to someone looking in from the outside. They can simply listen to the talk about something that sets your heart alight and go… ‘That’s it, huh?’

I recently saw a dream come to fruition. That feeling of being happy that someone else is happy can really be just like you’re experiencing the joy yourself. Is this something that we only learn to do in adulthood or when you make the leap in to parenthood maybe? I don’t remember ever feeling that way as a young person.

Who doesn’t have a list of somedays? Can you be that person that makes someday happen tomorrow? I guess maybe the answer more often than not is really sometimes. Maybe my someday is tomorrow. I think I’ll keep working on that.

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