Name That KTM Motorcycle Garden Gnome

Name That KTM Motorcycle Garden Gnome

This rockin’ gnome lives in my friend (and KTM KoolAid drinker) F’n Hal’s RV and greets people when they enter his campsite. Can you believe this little guy doesn’t have a name?

KTM Garden Gnome

Have any suggestions?

8 Replies to “Name That KTM Motorcycle Garden Gnome”

  1. I am not creative enough to think of a name, but I just wanted to say I thought it was pretty cool. I hadn’t seen a Gnome on a bike statue before.

    I’ve heard that ‘chrome won’t get you home’, but now I’m thinking ‘Gnome won’t get you home’.

  2. I think it should be Evel Ktmnievel. Secretly, you want to see him jump the fountains @ Ceasars Palace to he whether he comes out with as many broken pieces as the original…

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