Watch for Motorcycles! Bumper Stickers

Watch for Motorcycles! Bumper Stickers

Over the weekend I picked up two 2-part Watch for Motorcycles! bumper stickers at a local motorcycle shop. The two parts are a small caution diamond shaped sticker (left) and a full size rectangle sticker (right). They were free for the taking amongst other flyers and postcards of local events found on the counter. Score!

Our cars now proudly wear the yellow stickers. If you make even 1 person on the roadways think about motorcycles – you’ve been a success. It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

I took a look at the website that is printed on the sticker. I didn’t find any way to request more stickers or even a way to email them. But, I did find a fax number. So I faxed a letter requesting some stickers to distribute to friends and family. I have no idea whether or not they will send any but I have my fingers crossed.

Watch for Motorcycles Bumper Sticker

Where can you get stickers?

The National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrator website has links to several state’s websites on their  Motorcycle Awareness Stickers page. Consider contacting your state. You might find yourself with a packet of stickers to distribute to your friends and family.

If you have any links to organizations or agencies that distribute signs or stickers, let us know in the comments!



I had luck with faxing my request to Take a look at what I got!

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  1. I know in Minnesota you can get those stickers at the DMV. I put mine on a magnet so I can take it off when I wash my car, plus I can move it around!

  2. i have attended the AMCA motorcyle event in New York State at the Duchess County Fairgronds for the last 6 years as a vendor and would like very much to hand out free motorcycle safety merchandise to raise motorcycle safety awareness to as many people as possible if magnets are available those seem to last the longest being able to move them when washing the car and just moving them around anywhere ! thank you for your time

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