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US State Travel Map Stickers

US State Travel Map Stickers

My friend Nef, who is a long distance rider that traipses all over the dang place, shared a link on Facebook to an online store that features US state travel map stickers. You get a white US map outline and 50 colored state shapes. Once you’ve been to a state you place your colored state sticker on the outline.

Nefs FJR with cool us state sticker travel map

I thought they were pretty nifty so I’m sharing ’em with you now. 🙂

Based on the photos on the store website, the small size sticker should work well on motorcycle luggage.

I think I’ve got to order myself a set and start filling it in!

Snapshot: Southern Trip Souvenirs

Snapshot: Southern Trip Souvenirs

Road Souvenirs

Aside from the memories and photos that I take home from any trip, along the way I pick up postcards, brochures, stickers and name-specific “junk” and shove it in my bag as I go.

My friend Ally recently asked her blog readers if they were sentimental about objects. And I guess you could put a tick in the Yes column for me. These little bits of paper bring a smile to my face every time that I pull them out and get to remember that time when…

This is what I found in was in my Macbook sleeve:

Fisherman’s Grotto – San Francisco
Grandfather Mountain (4)
Mount Mitchell
The Shoe House
Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum

The Snake 421
BRP Oval
Grandfather Mountain (2)
BRP Stunt Motorcyclist
Mount Mitchell

Hotel Tomo – San Francisco
Comfort Inn — Franklin, NC
Mount Mitchell
Sleep Inn Free Rubber Duck note – Waynesboro, Va.
Grandfather Mountain
Helne, Ga.

Hotel Room Key from somewhere in California
Hotel Pad – Sleep Inn
Shoe House Magnet
Hotel Pad – Best Western
Printed Map of Blowing Rock, NC.

How About You?

Are you a sentimental packrat?

New York State: Watch For Motorcycles Stickers

New York State: Watch For Motorcycles Stickers

A few weeks ago after picking up a ‘Watch for Motorcycles‘ bumper sticker in a local bike shop, I faxed a letter to the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. In my fax I stated that I was a New York State motorcyclist and requested that if possible, that I’d like to be sent a few more bumper stickers to distribute to my friends and family. I got no response to my fax though I included my email address along with my name and street address. That was until yesterday… after work I received a large square box from the Traffic Safety Committee.


Inside the box was a stack of  about 40 bumper stickers, a roll of pens, 2 posters and a manila envelope full of keychains to distribute. Way to go New York State!

The pens have rotating sayings when you click the top button: “Wear Quality Riding Gear”, “Look Twice, Save a Life”, “Enroll in Rider Training”, “Wear Reflective Gear”, “Don’t Drink & Ride!” and “Learning is for Life”. The keychains are a small liquid level that reads “Ride Level Headed”. The posters contain information on why and where to take a RiderCourse to learn to ride and last but not least the bumper stickers are 2-part Watch for Motorcycles decals. I’m so surprised and really pleased!

Wear Quality Riding Gear -  Look Twice Save a Life Pen Ride Level Headed Keychain Watch for Motorcycles Materials
Watch for Motorcycles Bumper Stickers

For More Information:

Watch for Motorcycles! Bumper Stickers

Watch for Motorcycles! Bumper Stickers

Over the weekend I picked up two 2-part Watch for Motorcycles! bumper stickers at a local motorcycle shop. The two parts are a small caution diamond shaped sticker (left) and a full size rectangle sticker (right). They were free for the taking amongst other flyers and postcards of local events found on the counter. Score!

Our cars now proudly wear the yellow stickers. If you make even 1 person on the roadways think about motorcycles – you’ve been a success. It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

I took a look at the safeny.com website that is printed on the sticker. I didn’t find any way to request more stickers or even a way to email them. But, I did find a fax number. So I faxed a letter requesting some stickers to distribute to friends and family. I have no idea whether or not they will send any but I have my fingers crossed.

Watch for Motorcycles Bumper Sticker

Where can you get stickers?

The National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrator website has links to several state’s websites on their  Motorcycle Awareness Stickers page. Consider contacting your state. You might find yourself with a packet of stickers to distribute to your friends and family.

If you have any links to organizations or agencies that distribute signs or stickers, let us know in the comments!



I had luck with faxing my request to Safeny.com. Take a look at what I got!

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Last week Swag over at BikerSwag.com asked, ‘May is recognized as Motorcycle Awareness Month. What plans do you have to help promote it?’

That’s a good question. I don’t know if my answer is a cop-out but I’m not doing anything differently than I always do, I suppose.

  • Encourage Minimizing Risk: ATGATT
    I try to minimize my own personal risk and encourage others to do the same by extolling the benefits of wearing ATGATT – All the Gear, All the Time. I’m not walking around like a Jehovah’s Witness selling my gospel door to door or anything, but I do put my feelings out there.

    When people ask why I’m wearing “all that” or of I’m hot, (when I’m done rolling my eyes ) I usually relay some sort of message regarding my clothing’s value. If just one person decides that maybe riding around in a t-shirt isn’t such a hot idea or maybe investing in a pair of riding boots is money well spent, then I feel like I’ve done something.

  • Encourage Education: Learn the Right Way – Take a Class
    When someone mentions to me that they or a loved one are interested in riding, I always suggest that they take an MSF or similar course. I’m sure their wives, husbands, uncles are all great riders just like they say they are but… I feel it’s best to learn from someone you don’t have a relationship with and to make sure you get a well-rounded education. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum will prepare you with concepts for operating your motorcycle safely. It’s a great foundation for learning.

    Education isn’t only for Noobs!
    There are many refresher or experienced rider courses you can take to brush up on your skills.  There is always something to learn.

  • Encourage Others to Help Themselves: Be your own Safety Advocate
    Don’t wait for someone else to help you. Help yourself!

    • Ride like you’re invisible
    • Don’t Ride Tired
    • Don’t Drink and Ride
    • Check your Speed – You can still have fun without being a menace
    • Check your equipment – Make sure your bike is in safe working order
    • Don’t ride in a car’s blind spot
    • Remember that you aren’t invincible, you’re a fragile human being
    • New rider? Leave the passenger at home for a while. You don’t know what you’re doing yet
    • Watch for Turning Vehicles- Don’t become a statistic!

    Have any other safety tips to share? Let’s hear ’em!

So? What are you doing for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month?

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