New York State: Watch For Motorcycles Stickers

New York State: Watch For Motorcycles Stickers

A few weeks ago after picking up a ‘Watch for Motorcycles‘ bumper sticker in a local bike shop, I faxed a letter to the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. In my fax I stated that I was a New York State motorcyclist and requested that if possible, that I’d like to be sent a few more bumper stickers to distribute to my friends and family. I got no response to my fax though I included my email address along with my name and street address. That was until yesterday… after work I received a large square box from the Traffic Safety Committee.


Inside the box was a stack ofย  about 40 bumper stickers, a roll of pens, 2 posters and a manila envelope full of keychains to distribute. Way to go New York State!

The pens have rotating sayings when you click the top button: “Wear Quality Riding Gear”, “Look Twice, Save a Life”, “Enroll in Rider Training”, “Wear Reflective Gear”, “Don’t Drink & Ride!” and “Learning is for Life”. The keychains are a small liquid level that reads “Ride Level Headed”. The posters contain information on why and where to take a RiderCourse to learn to ride and last but not least the bumper stickers are 2-part Watch for Motorcycles decals. I’m so surprised and really pleased!

Wear Quality Riding Gear -  Look Twice Save a Life Pen Ride Level Headed Keychain Watch for Motorcycles Materials
Watch for Motorcycles Bumper Stickers

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  1. Oh so that’s why my registration went up 300% this year! I guess I had to help pay for all the free stickers, pens and key chains NYS is giving out ๐Ÿ˜‰


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