How to Know When You Need New Motorcycle Boots

How to Know When You Need New Motorcycle Boots

If you have to place a bag over the the tops of your motorcycle boots to stop the scent (which is something reminiscent of urine, paprika and natural gas) from suffocating you in your sleep … it may be time to replace them.

Made of the finest space age polymers, this is Kenny’s patented Hotel Room Boot Protection System:
Boot Protection System

I think I am going to have to INSIST he get new boots for Christmas this year. Whew!

13 Replies to “How to Know When You Need New Motorcycle Boots”

  1. Actually, I leave them in the garage 🙂

    They really just smell like natural gas. Oddly enough, my feet don’t smell in other shoes – but the combo of my extra strength manliness and the waterproof unbreathability of the smx-plus boots make for a vile concoction. Everytime I took them off in a hotel I wondered if they’d set off some hotel radon or monoxide detectors.

  2. My Sidis don’t smell yet………but my Ducati Tech Touring boots have to go to the top shelf at work so the only place the smell goes is straight to the ceiling. At home my fiance makes me put them outside or tucked in the back of the closet. Doesn’t mean you need new boots it just means they are well worn in!!

  3. No way don’t get new ones. I’ve replaced the soles twice on my vertigo rains (soles only cost 20 from motorcyclesuperstore) . That’s the sweet smell of the road baby, don’t ever get rid of that.

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