Triumph Speed Triple and the Big Christmas Bee

The giant Scientific bug is all dressed up for Christmas. Actually I think its more of a big bee than a bug. I spotted him last Sunday while I was out for a cold morning ride.

– Do you think there is a buzz about it in town?
– Do you think people swarm to see it?
– If you saw a real bee that big would you …wait for it… bug out?

Thank you, Thank you. Thank you for stopping by, I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress! 😀

The Big Bug of Long Island

Long Island's Big Bee

The Scientific Bee The Scientific Exterminating Bee


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13 Responses

  1. CrudMop says:

    Your jokes hurt my feelings

  2. ArcDeDucati says:

    “Scientific” extermination services? Is that a bug or a bee? C’mon scientists get your act together!

  3. CrudMop says:

    I bet you the bee gets pretty Buzzed at the company xmas party.

  4. Rascal King says:

    Thats very punny.

  5. novos says:

    I broke out in ‘hives’ from reading that 😉

  6. fuzzygalore says:

    Triumph Speed Triple and the Big Christmas Bee: The giant Scientific bug is all dressed up for Christma… #motorcycle

  7. Pinto says:

    What a bunch of bumblers. That is clearly a wasp!

    Hope that criticism wasn’t too stinging! 🙂

  8. Bill says:

    I live the bug…and the entire Scientific Exterminating crew. Happy Holidays to all…even the bug (bee).

  9. Bill says:

    obviously ‘love’.

    …nice bike too.

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