Girlie Motorcycle – Scooter Themed Holiday Cards

Girlie Motorcycle – Scooter Themed Holiday Cards

If a consumer product has a motorcycle or scooter theme my eyes generally go right to it. I found these super-cute Christmas cards at Homegoods:

Scooter Holiday Cards
Scooter Holiday Cards

She just might be my idol. Look how much fun she’s having riding her scooter through town. She’s probably wearing an “It” Karl Lagerfeld mink helmet, too. Some girls have all the luck.

6 Replies to “Girlie Motorcycle – Scooter Themed Holiday Cards”

  1. I have a few boxes of Moto Christmas cards that I bought in, hmmmm, 1996 I’d bet. I pretty much suck at the card thing in general. If I bought those scooter cards, likely I’d get them sent sometime after we were all driving solar powered hovercrafts….

    1. If you never intend to use them, you can donate them to local girl scout troop service units.
      They often take old cards, even ones that were written on that you’d received, and just take the cover pages/pictures off, then use them to create their own cards to send to the troops abroad or for nursing homes etc.

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