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Why, Yes. It IS a Giant Cauliflower

Why, Yes. It IS a Giant Cauliflower

giant long island cauliflower jamesport

In the realm of giant roadside farm fruits and vegetables there are some oft-seen staples like a giant ear of corn or a strawberry. As my friend Wendy, proprietress of the fabulous Roadside Wonders, said ~ “Yep, you can barely swing a dead cat without hitting a giant apple … but this! This was a wonder to behold!”

Indeed it is, my dear. Indeed it is.

Giant cauliflower?… magnificent. Dare I say? Scrumtrulescent!

If said magnificent cauliflower were to go missing, it did not in any way get strapped down to the rear rack of the Ural and make it’s final resting spot a nest of iridescent unicorn mane hair in my living room. Absolutely not.

Listening To Your Inner Voice Before Riding – Do You Do It?

Listening To Your Inner Voice Before Riding – Do You Do It?

Vintage Flying A Gasoline PumpOn Long Island’s north shore sits Jamesport Auto Service. I’ve passed it a hundred times but never noticed the vintage Flying A gas pump until yesterday.  I simply had to stop for a picture. As I pulled into their lot and took my camera out of my tankbag, I somehow managed to accidentally pull my Blackberry out as well. I never heard it hit the ground and didn’t notice it was gone until I got home.

The insult to injury is that I can see the phone’s pink case laying near the puddle in the photo taunting me. I did go back for it, but it was gone by the time I returned. I’m kind of surprised that someone would keep a found telephone, but eh, whaddayagunnado? I initialized it, reported it lost/stolen and got a new one today.

Jamesport Auto Service Long Island

Before I left the house I wavered on whether I should go out for a ride or not. My first inclination was no, but I went anyway. When I returned home and discovered that I’d lost my phone I immediately said, ‘See? I knew I shouldn’t have gone.’ If I hadn’t gone for a ride I wouldn’t have lost my phone, I wouldn’t have wasted the time going back for it and I wouldn’t be out $50 to replace it.

In this case the consequences of me ignoring my inner voice were no big deal. In the scope of riding a motorcycle, sometimes not listening to your intuition can have dire consequences.

KRAMER: Now what does the little man inside you say? See you gotta listen to the little man.

GEORGE: My little man doesn’t know.

KRAMER: The little man knows all.

GEORGE: My little man’s an idiot.

This post is nothing without you:

  • Do you always listen to the little voice inside before riding?
  • Have you ever had anything good or bad come of listening or not listening to it?
Sights from the Road: Fuzzy and the Giant Cauliflower

Sights from the Road: Fuzzy and the Giant Cauliflower

It’s that time of year when riding a motorcycle is a little less easy going. Though it was sunny today, the temperature never made it above 40 degrees. All in all, not too bad for December in New York. But, this is when I start looking for places to ride to. When the cold sets in just about any riding will do.

This afternoon when I announced to my family that I would be heading out for a quick ride to take a picture of a giant cauliflower, I got an “Ok, Ma, cool. See you later,” and an “Ok, have fun.” Nothing phases them, I guess. I’m going to have to start making things up just to see if they’re really paying attention.

Giant Cauliflower

giant cauliflower on long island