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A Day in the Life – Will Ride For Nonsense

A Day in the Life – Will Ride For Nonsense

me and the peg leg pirate in paWhat is it about a giant, fiberglass peg-legged pirate that will make me ride 170 miles out of my way?

Is that the dumbest sentence you’ve ever read?

Sometimes my ‘reasons’ for riding must seem completely ridiculous. And on more than one occasion I’ve wondered: it is really the thing that I want to see – or – is just an excuse to go for a ride?

Maybe it’s a little of both?

Roadside stuff taps into the whimsical parts of life that I love.  So much of my day to day life is… serious. Excursions to see giant chickens and pirates and muffler men (oh my!) offer a perfect silly escape from the same old same old. If seeing something like a humongous cauliflower doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I think you’ve got problems.

Of course, when I do have a specific destination in mind I do try to string together a great ride to get there. It becomes a win-win situation. Seeing something silly and getting in a great ride. Will ride for nonsense.

How About You?

Are you often focused on something specific when you go out for rides?


The Ural Monkey and a Double Chicken Fantasy

The Ural Monkey and a Double Chicken Fantasy

The temperature crept up to nearly 70 degrees today. That’s kind of unusual for a November day. You bet your boots I was only too happy to load my monkey Chloe into the Ural and go for a ride.

We were heading to Chloe’s favorite comic book shop but she indulged me with a pit stop on the way. She’s such a good sport, putting up with her goofy mom’s hair-brained schemes.

But, you know – I *think* she appreciates these silly sights. Especially considering she snapped a pic of the big bird with her iPhone. That’s my girl!

giant fiberglass roadside chicken

This particular spot boasts not one but two giant roosters. TWO!

giant giant chicken of holbrook

Clearly a giant chicken army is amassing. Consider yourself warned.

Roadside Americana: The Scary Pie Lady of Frackville PA.

Roadside Americana: The Scary Pie Lady of Frackville PA.

I may have to start rethinking my penchant for visiting roadside statues.

Exhibit A:

Just check out the cold, dead eyes on these two.

Scary pie mama statue

And that poor kid… I’m not sure what’s more tragic; the headless doll, her haircut or the fact that she looks like she’s listening to the ocean in her mom’s pelvis like a giant seashell.

What do you think the pie is stuffed with? The souls of kittens? The hopes and dreams of children? The doll’s head?

scary pie lady shoes

By the looks of things in the (tres manly) shoe department, zombie pie lady must pull away from her bolts nightly, leaving her lofty perch behind to terrorize unsuspecting townspeople.

I hope they didn’t haunt my topbox.

scary pie people

Pie lady – so scary, so wrong, SO RIGHT! 

If you want to visit scary pie people:

115 West Coal St.
Frackville, PA
Roadside Treasure Map

Sights from the Road: Fuzzy and the Giant Cauliflower

Sights from the Road: Fuzzy and the Giant Cauliflower

It’s that time of year when riding a motorcycle is a little less easy going. Though it was sunny today, the temperature never made it above 40 degrees. All in all, not too bad for December in New York. But, this is when I start looking for places to ride to. When the cold sets in just about any riding will do.

This afternoon when I announced to my family that I would be heading out for a quick ride to take a picture of a giant cauliflower, I got an “Ok, Ma, cool. See you later,” and an “Ok, have fun.” Nothing phases them, I guess. I’m going to have to start making things up just to see if they’re really paying attention.

Giant Cauliflower

giant cauliflower on long island