Photos from The Larz Anderson Classic European Motorcycle Day

Larz Anderson Carriage HouseLarz Anderson Classic European Motorcycle Day
On Sunday I left the house in the dark hours of the morning. Though the sun was not yet up, I could see that the streets were wet and the sky was heavy. I kept my fingers crossed that the day would be dry. I met up with Bill and Graham and we headed east to catch the Orient Point Ferry. As we rode along Sound Avenue, the sky went from the dawn barely breaking to being light in what seemed to be a matter of seconds. The sunrise transition seems to reach a point where it happens so quickly.
When we arrived at Larz Anderson in Brookline, Massachusetts, the entry gate was manned by a staff. They were collecting $10 for admission and $5 for parking. Crap. I only had $11 in my pocket. I tried to fish it out while the bikes in front of me were paying. One of the staffers then shouted to another to help ‘this fella,here‘ pointing to me. I shot him a quick dirty look. The person whom he spoke to then handed me an entry wristband and motioned me to go through, my $11 still in my pocket. I didn’t feel so bad getting in for free after being called a dude. Score!
Larz Anderson Auto Museum
15 Newton St
Brookline, MA 02445
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Larz Anderson - Ducati RowKenny Roberts RZ350 seen parked at Larz AndersonLarz Anderson European Motorcycle Day - BMWBenelli AmazonasLarz Anderson BMWTriumph Cub at Larz AndersonLarz Anderson - NortonLarz Anderson - BMWLarz Anderson - BSA


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