California Dreaming: Crescent City to Mount Shasta City

Wednesday June 18, 2008 – Crescent City to Mount Shasta City

Heading south from Crescent City on 101, we moved through the big trees. There was a layer of fog that seems to hang in their tops. It created a very soft, surreal feeling in the woods.

Riding through the redwoods from Crescent City

Of course we had to stop in Klamath to see Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox at the roadside gem The Trees of Mystery. Kenny rubbed Babe’s giant blue balls for good luck. And wouldn’t you know it? We had good luck for the rest of the trip.

Paul Bunyan and Babe in Klamath California

We left route 101, and headed east into the mountains. We traveled along small canyon roads towards the town of Forks of Salmon. The turns just kept coming and coming and coming. The dry, narrow road edges falling away in some places. We didn’t see any other cars or bikes.

Heading towards Cecilville we were really in the middle of nowhere and nearly out of gas. A quick look at the GPS said that the nearest gas was just a few more miles ahead. This time relying on the GPS let us down. There was gas here. About 3 years prior.

GPS says there is gas here. I think not.

Kenny and Greg walked up the road to a cluster of houses to see if they could by gas from whomever lived there. I stayed back with the bikes, wondering if they would be coming back or if some crazed lunatic would be heading down the road in their place. This overactive imagination of mine can really get the better of me sometimes. I was relieved to see them heading back down the road with a full gas can.

Mount Shasta in the distance

Thankfully we were back in business and continued east heading towards Gazelle, Weed and on to Mount Shasta City where we stayed for the night.

Tourist trap tree trimming The people of the woods welcome you A road of endless possibilities
Heading towards Gazelle California Dunsmuir Caboose Motel Old Building on Gazelle Callahan Rd

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