California Dreaming: Lee Vining to Klamath Falls, Oregon

California Dreaming: Lee Vining to Klamath Falls, Oregon

Monday June 16, 2008 – Lee Vining to Klamath Falls, Oregon

Waving goodbye to Lee Vining, we headed north on 395 towards Bridgeport, California. Not far from Lake Mono, I saw a sign for “Bodie.” Seeing as how I might never pass that way again, I made the executive decision that we were going to stop and check the place out.

Bodie, California is a Ghost town. Literally.

Welcome to Bodie, population 0 Bodie Wagon Wheel Maiden Lane and Virgin Alley
Trinkets from a time long gone Fill 'er up with dust

After leaving Bodie, we hopped across the Sonora Pass which at nearly 10,000 ft elevation, was nice and cool. The road offered great, twisty riding and beautiful mountain scenery.

Atop the Sonora Pass

As we climbed down out of the mountains, the heat began to settle in. It was hot, hot, hot. We pulled off at a gas station to get a drink and I went in to full-blown meltdown wobbler mode. I’d had it. I hit the wall with the heat and the slow pace. Kenny donned his fire retardant suit and slowly talked me down off the ledge until I slowly began to return to my right mind.

After my cranky meltdown, we determined that we had to make tracks towards Klamath Falls, Oregon on the slab if we wanted to squeeze Crater Lake in. It became apparent that if we didn’t, we’d never make it. I was not happy about that. The next couple hundred hot highway miles sucked.

We make it to Oregon!

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