Rock the GearIf you’re attending any of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show dates as it travels around the country, make sure you check the Learning Curve schedule to see if Brittany Morrow is speaking. Her story is really moving.

If you’ve been a motorcycle rider who has used a forum or any other hangout on the web – I bet you know Brittany’s story even if you don’t realize it.

Founder of Rock the Gear, Brittany Morrow is a survivor. At the age of 20, she hopped on the back of a motorcycle as a passenger wearing an ill-fitting helmet, a sweatshirt, capri pants and sneakers. That day would change her life forever.

Brittany survived a 500+ foot slide along a hot New Mexico highway, when she came off the back of the bike which was traveling at about 120mph. From that day forward, she became The Roadrash Queen.

“No one plans on crashing.”

Listening to a person who lived through such an ordeal first hand, really adds a whole other level of “realness” to the story. Just hearing her mention how her kneecaps had to be reattached was gasp-worthy.

Brittany Morrow Speaking at the NY IMS

My hope is that someone who isn’t already practicing ATGATT hears her message and maybe changes their mind about not rocking the gear.

Even one changed person would be a success. | Facebook | Brittany on Twitter